Beliefs and Turtles

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This is my work Monica Quinton

Turtles and Beliefs

I visited my Aunt Dot for two weeks every summer. She was a godly woman who attended church faithfully. Pastor John, the preacher at her church, was an old man and he preached brimstone and hell fire to everyone. I would hear how he was right about the Bible or how his story touched my Aunt Dot’s heart and her social Sunday group’s soul, but never did I feel affected by his preaching. In Sunday school and vacation bible school (which I never felt like it was a vacation, just more work you were expected to remember) I learned that Jesus loved me, but his father was out to get me. This was my first state of confusion with my religious beliefs and it definitely affected my spirituality within. Other events, I believe, disarmed me from the church scene. I felt robbed of a relationship with a Higher Power, which I like to call God. One for instance has to do with a turtle. While the preacher preached and the women fanned themselves, I can’t recall the gist of the sermon, but I remember the preacher holding up a turtle. He yelled, “What do you have, that this turtle does not have? I made a rapid reply, “I got a lot of things that turtle don’t have. Why do you have a turtle?” He held that turtle high in the air and the legs were crawling, but the turtle wasn’t getting anywhere and the preacher said “A soul!” His voice echoed so loud in my head and a chill came over me that you would have thought frost was in my veins. See, my belief was there was an animal heaven and when I go to the paradise in the sky all of my childhood animals were waiting on me to play with them. Yet, here this preacher was telling me you had to have a soul to reach the pearly gates and animals weren’t on St. Peter’s list. I was in turmoil. Something I was told since the first cat became asphalt pancakes was false in this preacher’s eyes. It made me doubt everything I knew of spiritual advisors and religious beliefs,...
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