Belarus Tourism

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Hospitality beyond borders

Table of Contents Foreword/Landmark Dates in the History of Belarus Basic Information About the Country and Useful Information Essential Words and Phrases Minsk. Time Wrap Minsk. History and Modernity Land Giving Birth to Legends Originality and Language Melody Art in Variety of Shapes Medieval Spirit Brought through Centuries Silent Witnesses of History Nature's Treasures Polesye. Belarusian Amazonia Active Rest and Adventures Fantastic Taste of Dishes and Bread Aroma 1 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24

Duchy of Lithuania founded on the territory of contemporary Belarus in the Middle Ages and considered to be the most powerful country of the time in Europe. Today, Belarus is a wonderful country that preserved unique features of original culture and ancient traditions in harmonious combination with today's modernity; it is a country, which never stops surprising even the most sophisticated travelers. So, feel the virgin nature for yourselves, listen to the melody of the Belarusian language, and experience limitless hospitality of the amicable Belarusians. And, for sure, you will want to come back over and over again.


elarus is the heart of East Slavic cultures. The Belarusian lands are the ones that have become the cradle of many Slavic countries. The Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Belarusians are the successors of the Grand

Landmark Dates in the History of Belarus
100—35 thousand years ago – the first appearance of humans on the territory of Belarus. VI—XIII cc. – the Eastern Slavs formed the first political alliances, i.e. unions of tribes. IX c. – the first written mentioning of Polotsk, the oldest city of Belarus, and the Duchy of Polotsk, one of the biggest feudal formations in Europe, in the chronicles. XIII—XVI cc. – the period of existence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Russia and Samogitia, the most powerful country of the time, founded under the ruling of Duke Mindovg running the country from Novogrudok, the first capital of the Grand Duchy . 1569 – the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Russia and Samogitia and the Kingdom of Poland signed the union of Lublin uniting into the federal state known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. 1654—1667 – the war against Russia. 1700—1721 – the Great Northern War (between Sweden and Russia). 1772—1917 – Belarus was a part of the Russian Empire. 1794 – the uprising under the leadership of Tadeush Kostyushko. 1812 – the invasion of Napoleon's Army. 1830—1831 – the Polish rebellion. 1863—1864 – the national liberation uprising led by Kastus Kalinowski. 1906 – over 335.4 thousand peasants from Belarus were displaced by force to Siberia resulting from the Stolypin agricultural reform 1906–1916. 1915–1916 – during the First World War, there were bloody fights between the German and the Russian troops on the territory of Belarus. March, 1918 – the Belarusian People's Republic was announced, it existed for less than one year. January 1, 1919 – the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic was announced. 1921 – after the end of the Russian-Polish war (1919–1921), the peace of Riga was signed, based on which Poland received the western territories of Belarus, while the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic revived on the eastern territories. 1922 – the Belarusian SSR became a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR). 1936–1940 – the period of Stalin's repressions. Over 86 000 Belarusians suffered from political persecutions. About 28 000 were executed by shooting in «Kuropaty» stow near Minsk. September 17, 1939 – the Red Army entered in West Belarus resulting in merge of these territories with the BSSR. June 1941 – the Second World War arrived on the territory of Belarus, the Great Patriotic War started. end of June—July, 1944 – in the course of «Bagration» operation, the territory of Belarus was completely liberated from the Nazi occupants by the Red Army. Minsk was liberated on...
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