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Bel 312 Asssgmnt 4 (Disrimination)

By shescha Aug 30, 2013 764 Words





Title: Proposal to Organize Sports Club to Avoid Discrimination

Mountain Dew Sdn Bhd was established in 1993. Until now, Mountain Dew already have 68 branches around the world and we are the 23th branch, located at Jalan Susur Perdana Utama, 83000 Shah Alam, Selangor. Our Branches have 32 employees include 3 department manager and a chief executive officer, Mr. Ramsagani A/L Ramusamy. Lately, we noticed that there are so many problems happen related to workplace discrimination. The term of workplace discrimination might sound new to many of us in Malaysia, but in other parts of the world, it has been recognized as an important safety issue in the workplace, which needs to be seriously addressed. Workplace discrimination means an unfair treatment of a worker against another worker or they have been biased. It can occur at many placed whether inside or outside the workplace and can effect physical and mental. However it manifests itself, workplace discrimination is a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide. As a result, the Human Resources Manager to set up a Mountain’s Sports Club activities every weekend to build a good relationship between top, middle and lower managements.

Problem Statement
1) Discrimination between all of employee cause of misunderstanding that occurs in the company. 2) Dissatisfaction that lead to fighting between employees might cause of discrimination among them. 3) The productivity of the company will reduce and going down if there is no cooperation between employees. 4) Difference of gender, age, religion and culture in the company makes them uneasy to have a good teamwork.

1) To prevent misunderstanding between each other that cause of discrimination. 2) To build a good relationship that breaks up because of discrimination among employee. 3) To make and rebuild back cooperation among employee to ensure the productivity of the company. 4) Give a good perspective of each level of employee and eliminate the difference among them.

1) This company’s Sports Club will build a good relationship between them and strengthen the relation of them. 2) Each of employees without look up of their position in the company will get well together and know more about each other deeply. 3) This company’s Sport Club will also make them more healthily physical and mental than before to perform all the best for the company. 4) The company will also reduce the medical expenses and sick leave among employee.

1) Select an Organizational Structure.
2) Call for a meeting to draft the rules and the regulation of club. 3) Identify suitable venue to carry out action.
4) Work out budget to realize this club.
5) Find sources of fund to run the sports club.

Rental of sports centre- Triway Sport Centre. (Include futsal court, badminton court, squash court,equiptment, etc.)| RM 200 per hour| 3 hours x 1day x 50weeks(every Saturday)| RM 30,000| T-Shirt| RM 20 per unit| 32 person| RM 640|

Mineral water (Mountain Dew)| RM 0.50| 32person x 1day x 50weeks| RM800| Membership for 5 years| RM 50| 32 person| RM 1,600|
Handkerchief | RM 2| 32 person| RM 64|
| | TOTAL| RM 33,104|

1.Some of employees not interested in take place in the activities that have been because they fell like it is not important and cannot affect anything if they do not join. 2.Employees always busy with their work and their family so some of them may not have enough time to join in this activities. 3.Limited activities that can be done due to the place that are very limited and can be used by all people that want to rent. 4.Not enough facilities for all employees to take place and it take time for them to wait for their turn.


1. Our proposal is about to do Sports Club for the employees in Mountain Dew Company because we want to avoid discrimination at our company. 2. This program hopefully will continue ever after and not at that time only. 3. With the budget that are provided, we think the problem like not have enough budget will not be an issues. 4. We hope all of employees will consider about our activities and will take place in this program to achieve the objective and make this program successful together.

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