Bel 311

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The way to building a strong bond with your family is by spending time with them. Planning family time takes effort, but the results are far worth it. Start some traditions of fun together that will bring your family closer now, and provide great memories when they are grown and out on their own. Besides, parents can use this time to really get to know their children, and children love spending fun quality time with their parents. Here are some ways that your family can spend enjoyable time together.

Topic sentence 1.
First and one of the best ways to ensure family time every day is having one meal together as a family. a.Dinner is probably the meal most likely to be picked simply because it falls at the end of the day giving everyone at the table something to discuss. • However, not everyone can be at dinner because of jobs or activities so perhaps breakfast would be a better option. • No matter what meal you pick everyone should be there for its entirety. This meal gives you, as a family, the opportunity for each member to say something about what is coming up during the course of the day or what has happened on a particular day; it keeps the communication lines open between the parent and the child.

Topic sentence 2.
Limit outside activities.
b.Your children don't need to participate in every sport and take guitar lessons. • Pick one or two activities that your child particularly enjoys. • If possible, consider seasonal activities with complementary timing - such as music lessons during the school year and a summer sports team. • Or keep certain days of the week free to spend as a family. • Limiting your children's activities will leave more time for family time.

Topic sentence 3.
Have a family game night.
c.Once a month or so, gather everyone in the family room and pull out your board games.
• The...
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