Being a Vegetarian

Topics: Meat, Nutrition, Veganism Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: November 4, 2008
I’m going to tell something about vegetarians. I’ve chosen this subject because I’m a vegetarian myself, for four years now. Vegetarians are people who never eat meat. Fish and fowl are officially not counted as meat. There are different kinds of vegetarians, none of them eat meat from cows, pigs and other animals. But some do eat fish or fowl, those are also called vegetarians. There are also people who don’t only refuse to eat meat, but who don’t use any animal products at all. For example they don’t wear leather, don’t drink milk and don’t eat eggs. They are called vegans. There are different reasons why people become a vegetarian. Some just don’t like the taste of meat so they don’t eat it. Others don’t agree with the way that meat is produced and that’s why they don’t want to eat it. But the most vegetarians just don’t want that something is murdered for their food. And there are good substitutes to stay healthy, so why not. If you want to be a vegetarian, you can’t just stop eating meat. That would be very unhealthy, because meat contains really important vitamins. You have to eat other sorts of food as replacement for meat that contains also good vitamins, like tofu, seaweed and nuts. There are also vitamin tablets which you can eat to stay healthy. Some people think that they can’t be a vegetarian because they would miss the meat too much, and that the meat substitutes don’t taste the same. But that’s not true. The most substitutes are really good and there are a lot substitutes you can choose from. There is even meat which you can put on sandwiches.
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