Being a Teacher-

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Being a teacher is a lot of hard work, more than I’d ever imagine. When I went to Kennington Church of England Junior School it was exciting, yet so tiring…

My first day was very nerving. It consisted of a tour round the school and getting to know the teachers. When I first met my class they looked at me like I was a strange alien. I knew nobody’s names and they didn’t know mine, let alone know how to pronounce it!

My classroom was in a mobile, with rickety floors and creaking doors. They had two gerbils and two dwarf hamsters in their classroom as well, which I was quite jealous of. It’s very different staying in one room for all your lessons during the day as it’s not what I’m used to.

After getting settled in, it was announced that I would be joining my class on a school trip with the other two year five classes. I was quite nervous about it, as the children didn’t see me as an authority figure yet, so looking after them in an uncontrolled environment would be difficult. I found out that another work experience boy was coming with me, which gave me a bit of hope that I would have someone to talk to.

On Tuesday the 28th of June 2005, I went on a school trip to Samphire Hoe, near Dover, on a geography field trip with one hundred year five students. It was chaos. When I arrived at the school I was tired enough as it was, but sorting the kids into groups of seven or eight is quite difficult when all they want to do is run around. They were all dressed in non school uniform, and I was allowed to wear more casual clothes then the day before. Looking at the children in their normal clothes gave me an insight as to how my teachers feel on our non uniform days.

The children were dressed in all sorts of clothes, some sensible such as jeans and trainers, others not so, like a mini skirts and semi-high heels. I stood there and though “I never wore those sort of clothes when I was ten”, it just shows how times change, plus it...
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