Being a Teacher

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The Fellowship is a demanding, difficult and rigorous program and we are committed to accepting only applicants who we believe have what it takes to succeed at this challenge.  Please explain: - What motivated you to apply to TFI and why is it important to you that you are accepted onto the Fellowship?  - What would success look like for you and your students in the short and long term?  - What makes you think that you will achieve these goals in the short and long term, and what might hold you and your students back from achieving them?

In today’s India, education is a commodity. The haves manage to afford it while the have-nots are left to the mercy of the government-run school which are under resourced. It may be due to ineffective functioning of the government run schools which produce generation of pass outs who aren’t armed to climb the rungs of higher education and, therefore, lag behind in the race of life. The wheel of misfortune keeps spinning with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

TFI is bridging the social disparity in the society by eliminating the root cause of all the other bigger problems that is EDUCATING. Giving right education to our children is the most important measure we can take today to shape the future of our country. All the problems in India, be it over population or unemployment or corruption can be eradicated by imparting good education and by creating a good learning environment. I feel the total Indian education system needs to be changed. The quality of education being imparted in the schools and colleges is degrading these days. There are no good teachers who just want to educate the students. It’s like a business for them. And for the society teachers are viewed as people who couldn’t get a job otherwise. But that is simply not the case.

I want to join “Teach for India” because I believe Teaching is what I am called to do. I believe I have the passion to make a difference and influence children...
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