Being a Good Student to Become Successful in Life

Topics: Education, University, Psychology Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Humberto Carrillo-Ibarra
Professor Shannon Ramirez
ELI 109
7 March 2013
A Good Student
What would you do to be successful in life? To become successful in life you have to be good student. I tried to be a good student because in my fourth year of high school I tried my best not to fail any classes and in my third year of high school as a junior I made it to the honor roll. A good student is someone who is honest, a hard worker, studious, helpful to others, self- confident, and a leader. In my opinion a good student must be organized, have academic skills, ability, and lastly have good behavior in school.

First, students have to be organized because it helps them manage their things in order for their classes. Staying organized in school is very important. If students are more organized, then they are one step ahead of being successful. Students should maintain their time to study and the right way is to be in a quite place or in a place they are comfortable. Always students should have their materials ready as all notes they need to study and review. Be neat and clean so students do not have to be looking for that assignment or homework in their backpack. It is just easier to put it away in their folders, instead of having a messy backpack and that was one of my problems I had in school. It is a good way to keep track on dues days on homework and projects. For example I have a test, the nest day I review all my notes that I wrote down from that subject and all my assignments. Students should take their time wisely on what they do.

Second, it is important to have academic skills that will help students with their ability to read better, to write effectively, to speak fluently, and to communicate clearly are the keys of a good student. Another way is to learn how to use the library to get resource like reading the books instead using the internet. It is good to help others on what they need help on therefore when you ever need help...
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