Being a Good Roommate

Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: June 24, 2013
The concept of a roommate can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. This is the person you will be living with at close quarters. As far as i am concerned, there are several basic qualities that a good roommate should possess. In my opinion, the most important quality is the ability to communicate.Communication is an essential aspect to living together. Through the exchange of your thoughts, you can verbalize your wishes, house rules, expectations, etc.and make sure you can reach an agreement. This way, the two of you will know what is expected of you and avoid miscommunication. Secondly, It is also significant that you are willing to share the housework.Dorm rooms are usually uncomfortably small and need cleaning regularly.When living in such small quarters, even a minor mess can clutter up the whole place. If you don't have time to organize thoroughly throughout the week, be sure to keep your mess on your side of the room, and clean as soon as you find the time. Messiness can cause tension, especially if your roommate is a very clean person. Apart from these, kindness and consideration are also the necessary qualities that a good roommate should have.You and you're roommate certainly don't have to be best of chums, but kindness is essential to any roomie relationship. For example,when your roommate is pulling an all-night studying for an exam, you should be willing to take extra care in being quiet for her study time. Being kind and considerate is the golden rule when you get well along with your roommate and things will go very smoothly if you can be kind. It is inevitable for us to have a chance to share a room with others and finding a roommate you can compatible can pose a big challenge. However, if you are considerate, good at communicating, and willing to share the workload, you can be a good roommate.
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