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I would like to be a flight attendant because I think working in an environment that continually upholds high levels standard of service as a flight attendant is very challenging the kind of challenge I enjoy. Also, I’m a person who likes to take care of people. I just want to make them happy, and I feel veryproud and delighted when I see their smiles.

So I’d like to offer/pour the best service attitude and skills that I've gained through my studies and previous work experience into this job.
 I would like to be a Flight Attendant for ____________ Airlines, because I have exceptional customer service skills and the ability to interact with a diverse customer base on a professional and personal level. I also understand the importance of workplace and customer safety and working as team to provide the leadership and service that create a comfortable and inclusive passenger experience. I also think I would be perfectly suited for the very unique and fast paced work environment of the aviation industry..

Job Description:
A flight attendant's primary responsibility is to make sure safety regulations on airplanes are followed. They also do what they can to make sure passengers are comfortable during their flights. The role of an air cabin crew member is to provide excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight. They are trained to deal with security and emergency situations which may arise and can administer first aid to passengers. Cabin crew ensure that all emergency equipment is in working order prior to take off and that there are enough supplies for passengers. They also help passengers to board the plane and give a demonstration of safety procedures and equipment.  Air cabin crew strive to make the flying experience a pleasant one for the passengers and will serve refreshments and meals and sell gifts and duty-free items. Cabin crew may work on short or long-haul flights.

A Day in a Flight Attendant's Life:
On a typical day a flight attendant will:
get briefed by the captain on emergency evacuation procedures, coordination of the crew, the length of the flight, expected weather conditions, and special issues having to do with passengers make sure that first-aid kits and other emergency equipment are aboard and in working order assess the passenger cabin to make sure there are adequate supplies of food, beverages, and blankets greet passengers as they enter the plane, check their tickets, and tell them where to store their coats and carry-on bags instruct passengers in the use of emergency equipment

check to see that passengers' seat belts are fastened, seats are in the upright position, and bags are properly stowed prior to takeoff help passengers in the event of an emergency
reassure passengers in the event of turbulence
direct passengers if they must evacuate the plane if there is an emergency landing answer questions about the flight
distribute blankets, pillows, and reading material
distribute beverages, snacks, and sometimes heat and serve meals help those needing assistance, e.g. small children, or elderly or disabled passengers administer first aid to ill patients
take inventory of headsets, alcoholic beverages, and money collected prior to landing report passengers' medical problems, lost and found articles, and condition of cabin equipment sometimes, if in a supervisory position, oversee the work of the other attendants aboard the aircraft

Flight attendants are caregivers, customer service professionals, and safety providers. They ensure that passengers have a safe and calm passage while they’re on the plane. Their responsibilities include: Greeting passengers as they board the plane, and thanking them as they exit. Helping passengers get seating and stow their luggage in the overhead bins. Giving a presentation of the airline’s safety procedures.

Facilitating beverage and food services....
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