Being Woman Has Disadvantages

Topics: Home, Gender, Homemaker Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Have women obtained the equality in regard with men? Unfortunately, living in the XXI Century does not mean that the society is free of numerous prejudices, and discrimination of several natures, amount them those relate to women. Although there is important progress in the women’s struggle for their rights along the history, it remains many disadvantages that women must face nowadays both at home and in the workplace.

At home women have disadvantages in terms of the responsibility for growing up family, being in charge of household chores, and taking care of children’s education. From the day women are born they are taught that women grow up, marry and have children. They are brainwashed into believing that this is what is expected of them and this is what will naturally occur. As a result, women carry the great deal of responsibility on their shoulders because they are protagonists in family life. Women are more active in taking care of children, and controlling of home’s economy than man. Moreover, they assume the most of household chores, for example cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning the house. Because of motherhood, women usually stay at home after having children, and then, they continue to guide children’s education. They go to school meetings, supervise children’s home works, and help them to complete the assignments and to choose their future careers. Some men argue “they help” women at home, but this position have already an intrinsic evidence of the prominent role of women; why do they help instead of sharing the responsibility each other as equal partners? I have a married friend with three children, and she has a full time job as her husband. In the evening, when the couple arrives home, she has to cook, look after the children, and do many other household chores while her husband watch TV or read the newspaper. This situation is a repeated picture of many families around the world, where women are still in unfavorable position at home....
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