Being Thankful

Topics: Yin and yang, Mother, Family Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: February 16, 2009
Everyone’s family can be annoying at on point or another. Maybe your brother listens in on your telephone calls, or you dad wears those goofy pants whenever you friends spend the night and you mom insists on calling your friends parents to make sure they would be home during the party. But for the most part, my family is there for me. Mentioning some guy picking on you at lunch, and my brother is all over it. Dad is always ready with a corny joke to cheer my up, and my mom always knows what to say in time of need. With the holidays coming around the corner I realized how great my family is and how thankful I am to have them by my side. Seeing that this holiday might be that last time you ever see them. I will always take advantage of having a big loving family.

Thinking about school, I think about tests and papers that might be due. I don’t really think outside the box, about what education is doing for me and how no one seems to appreciate the gathering of knowledge. We are so spoiled, we don’t see that we are lucky to have teachers around us and schools itself. There are so many people in the world that only hope to go to school everyday to learn the things we sleep through. We shouldn’t have to be forced to go to school everyday. School should be seen as a privilege not torture.

Being thankful for my life may be the toughest to appreciate. I always have some sort of dilemma going on in my life whether it happens to be that time of the month or a horrible grade on a test. I’m always thinking about how bad my life is with my parents divorce along with hearing the complaints from each side of the fight. But, it could be worse. I know I have two parents who love me very much who provide food and a roof over my head. I know you wouldn’t hear this from many teenagers but really, the divorce has helped me take responsibility in my actions and my life. It has helped me grow up a little and appreciate the hard work my parents do to keep our...
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