Being Single or Being Married

Topics: Philosophy of love, Marriage, Single person Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Being Single or Being Married
There are many differences between life as a single person and life as a part of a married couple. some of these differences are obvious, while others are more subtle. The key to make the dicision is the answer of the following question: Do you prefer life of going home to an empty house and a cold bed alone, but which seems easier; or do you prefer life of coming home with considerate family and warm atmosphere, but which seems more complicated? Sometimes, the soceity favors marriages. Because in traditional opinions, a marriage adds happinesses and fulfilments to one’s life. A reseaches also shows that married people are more likely than those who are not married to be very happy: forty-three percent of people who say they are very happy they are married, versus twenty-four percent of unmarried people saying they are very happy[1]. What is more, in a marriage, there is always someone to talk to or listen to you. It is good to have someone there to have a conversation, to bounce idea of or to have a witty exchange of remarks. The companionship between the couple also offer supports and can be particularly important at time of trouble and stress. Partners of a marriage which lasts long are usually assured a certain basic level of emotional sustence. Marriages also result in consistent expression of sexual desire for one’s spouse through the life course. People who are married reported the highest levels of well-being, regardless of whether they were happily married or not. “Even when controlling for relationship happiness, being married was associated with high-esteem, greater life satisfaction, greater happiness and less distress.[2]” The heavier commitment of marriage brings long-term concerns over a spouse’s future well-being. Marriage is a motivation of fighting for better financial supports. Some people prefer being single. In many people’s dictionaries, being single means being free. Single people can make decisions follwing...
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