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Being Rich and Famous

By tazleef5550 Dec 12, 2012 324 Words
While spending time thinking about the goal in my life, the only one answer coming up in my mind is to achieve success. But what exactly the word success should be defined? Thinking considerably, there are at least two fundamental achievements in life that inspire people. One is to be rich, while another one is to be famous. Though these two words are somehow closely related if you think about the celebrities who are famous and rich at the same time, there are some others who only have high recognition but not rich. There is significant differences between being rich and being famous. Becoming rich can be hard or it was as simple as buying a lottery ticket. Some people becomes rich with their lucky lottery number while others have to work really hard all day all night long until they reach sucess. Rich people can be recognized almost instantly. They always wear branded clothes which are perfectly ironed. They have their chauffers to open their car doors and have people following them around to help them even in the most easiest of the task like opening the door. Rich people are not always inspiring. They waste money on branded clothes when some people out there cant even buy clothes for themselves. Being famous doesnt mean you are rich. Becoming famous requires tanent. You cannot simply buy fame. People become famous for their art, music, creativity, and in lots of other ways. Since the word famous speaks for itself, being famous should mean recognizing that person should be easy. But no not all people know who made the headphones. He can walk right by us without even us noticing it. Famous people are always inpiring. They inpire other people with their Art. They become role models for the new. Rich and Famous are two different things. The differences between them shows that only by being sucessfull you cannot be both rich and famous.

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