Being Punctual

Topics: Non-commissioned officer, United States Marine Corps, Corporal Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: March 28, 2011
There are a lot of reasons to be on time for work. First of all is because it’s an inconvenience for me and the people I work with. When I am late I hold back my coworkers. Being late shows disrespect to the people I work for, and to the United States Marine Corps. It is important to be on time to show that I respect what I do and that I am ready for the day. By being on time I can focus more on the tasks at hand instead of stressing about the reasons why I was late. It also keeps me from having to play catch up. Being late also hurts others. When I am late they have to wait for me and it puts others behind as well. Being late is a sign of laziness. I do not feel that I am lazy, and I do not want to give off signs that I am. I take pride in that I am usually early. I think being on time is important so that I can focus on my work and get what I need done. I like to be prepared and ready for the day, and being late messes my routine, as well as everyone else’s up. Being late not only hurts my job, but me as an individual. I will lose the respect of my coworkers and it will hurt my chances of being promoted in the future. That will also affect my family. Being late is not something that I plan to make a habit of. I plan to teach my daughter the importance of being on time to school, work and anywhere else she goes. As a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps it is my responsibility to set the example for everyone around me. If I am late on a regular basis it will make those below me think that it is acceptable when it is not. By being late it shows poor leadership, bad initiative, and weakness to my peers. As an NCO in charge of funeral details it is important to be on time to the funerals. If I am late to a funeral I can cause more distress to the family that is already grieving their lost loved one. I wouldn’t appreciate it if I hired a worker who was repeatedly late so I don’t want to be that inconvenience for anyone else. It is very important that I make it...
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