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Basic HTML by El Passo Books v2.0

By Dan Thompson
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Basic HTML by El Passo Books v2.0

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©2006 Dan Thompson

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Basic HTML by El Passo Books v2.0

-- Chapter 1-What is HTML?
HTML stands for "Hyper Text Mark-up Language"
HTML is the bricks and mortar of the WWW. Without HTML the
World Wide Web could not have become as important as it is today. HTML is a document formatting language common the all computers on the WWW. html permits cross platform communication between Macs, Apples, SUNs, PCs and others to view a document in a similar way.

Every webpage that you visit uses HTML in some way, you can view the HTML code behind a website in Internet Explorer by selecting: View > Source

©2006 Dan Thompson – All Rights Reserved


Basic HTML by El Passo Books v2.0

-- Chapter 2-Your first code
HTML has two sections, the "Head" section and the "Body" section. The head section is where the information about the web page is put for the browser. This has nothing to do with the heading that you want to see on your web page.

Things that can be stored in the head section include Keywords for search engines or the title of your webpage.
The body section is where the web page is coded. This is where you put the information for your web page.
We are now going to create our very own webpage, for now we are going to create a simple page telling people your name.
Please follow these instructions:
1. Create a new folder so you have somewhere to save your
website, call this folder anything you wish, this is where all pages and images for your website will be saved.
2. Open notepad and type the following code, you may change
the code in red to suit your needs:
Type the following code into Notepad

My Own Home Page

I am Your-Name and this is my web Page!

©2006 Dan Thompson – All Rights Reserved


Basic HTML by El Passo Books v2.0
3. That’s it! You have just coded your first webpage. Now save the notepad file by selecting "Save as" (make sure you save the file in the folder you have just created)

In the filename box type "index.html" and from the "Save as type" box select "All Files"
Then click "Save"
4. You are now ready to view your first webpage, navigate to the folder where you saved the file, double click on it and you will see your first webpage. It should look something like this:

Now we have created your first page, lets go to chapter 3 and look at colours!

©2006 Dan Thompson – All Rights Reserved


Basic HTML by El Passo Books v2.0

-- Chapter 3 -Adding colour
When you create a web page you will want to use different
background and text colours and to add images. This makes the site more attractive to visitors and generally makes the website look better. Take care not to make the text and background colour the same!

In this exercise we will change the background colour of your website you created in Chapter 2, to blue.
To do this you would add the following HTML code into the body of your text file. (To...
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