Being married or single both have good intention

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Being married or single both have good intention. But, any and everything has its bad way. For example, if you are married you will always have someone to go to but, if you did anything they didn’t like your man/women will bitch at you all day. Another example, if you are single if you are sick one down and you need someone to help you they cant because you don’t have a loved one at the house to take care of you when you are down.

Being single can be great but can be awful at some time. a good thing could be that you don't have to buy presents for someone else which means more money for you or you could buy your mom the George Foreman grill she always wanted but watching "A Christmas Story" is so much better when you watch it with someone else and receiving and giving a gift from and to someone that you care about is an experience that you can't put a price on. also if you aren't spending the holidays with family or friends you kinda feel like a loser drinking eggnog and watching the Grinch all by yourself and feel like a loser can lead to feeling depressed and then being depressed could lead to suicide which is horrible because then your mom goes to your place to give you a sweater she made with love in every stitch only to find out that stockings aren't the only thing hanging over a fire place, but that's only in extreme cases of loneliness. Another pro is you and drink, party, have any type of fun you want. You can even bring any girl you want back of the club and ask them are they DTF and the send them on their way. But, the con to that is all of the party, drinking, drugs, can catch up to you and the long run when you get older. Because of all the drinking and drugs you can have bad liver, you can have lung cancer if you smoke but the worst thing you can die from all of that.

Also, being married has its pleasures and its unenjoyments. The first pro I think is on everyone mind is when you are married you start off with a whole lot of sex. but, the con...
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