Being Human

Topics: 2005 albums, 2004 singles, Modern history Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Being Human
Suddenly this tag is catching my attention and as days of my life pass, it is becoming more meaningful and relevant. I have walked much, seen a lot, been on an airy-fairy, grounded many a times, trampled, crushed, raised, convalesced, used, misused and disused. After all of the melodrama, I have realized, may be late, that this is the ultimate token of acceptability. the so called bad boy who brought it to my notice could be much more wiser than many a saints, what he has believed, he would never have to part with, not the least like mine, which has been ramshackled, shaken and trodden and I don’t know how many times. Is there a difference between being good and being human? Actually, there is a world of it. The difference lies in its Objectivity. Being good is deliberate, though most wouldn’t accept it, the so called ‘rationals’. Being human is more general, away from the judgmental prerogative, rather it keeps itself spared from those garlands…escapism may be, but I stand for it, why do we always have to be good, if we are good at times, what about the rest, we are invariably bad, could we not let go this chutzpas and be more simple, be the way we should be, without much laurels and unoscillating.

Yet another Day
One more of the unusually usual day has gone. I looked forward to some humanity from some unusually irrational people as usual, and as usual those unusual materialistic jerks chose to adhere to their hypocrisy. I like to long, as it gives a sight, and dread to be blinded if I lose that. That keeps me going and probably is also the main connect with the Supreme. Tell me, if one loses the sight, what would one pray for, who doesn’t have any wishes, I am sure God also wishes, wishes to see us follow his path, not to astray, be kind and carry the light in our hearts that He had kindled.

When I had nothing, I had nothing to lose. As I have everything, everybody is there to rob me! Amazing isn’t it. Today I don’t trust anyone, I see...
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