Being Honest

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The importance of being honest with yourself and others Honesty is always been difficult for others to do whether it’s to yourself or to others. People are not honest because they don’t want to get in trouble or they just ashamed or embarrass to tell the truth. Being honest is important because you don’t want to lose your parents and or friends trust in you. Once you start to lie it becomes a habit and that’s a habit that you don’t want to have and once you do it a lot, your friends can start fade away from you and you can lose them. Being honest is important not just to others but to yourself. When you’re not honest to yourself, you won’t know who you really are because all you do is lie to yourself. When you lie to others, whether it’s to your family or friends you will start to lose their respect and trust for you and that’s something hard to get back, you got to earn it. Once to lose these things, you will end up alone and you will have a hard life. All you can do is turn to God. Respect and trust isn’t something that you want to lose. Another thing that’s important of being honest is honoring yourself in life. You cannot be a better person, you can just be yourself. So, being honest or not, you can never lie to yourself, "you" will always know the truth. The people who love you will appreciate you the way you are. I think being honest helps you be a better person not only to yourself, but to everyone around you. Friends, family, etc. Being honest tells someone that you're true to what you say and do and that you're someone of promise and trust
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