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Topics: LGBT, Gay pride, LGBT symbols Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: September 27, 2013
Chad Calderon
Lucas Ochoa
Cultural Artifact Speech
Hi my name is Chad Calderon and today I am going to begin talking about my artifact. Then I am how this artifact represents my inner self. Concluding with a background story for reasoning’s as to why I chose this artifact. First, lets take a look at what my artifact is representing: the pride flag, the human rights campaign, and combination of gender symbols. Secondly, I will be incorporating five different concepts from the chapters one through four of our book them being attitude in both its cognitive layer and affective layer, fostering global (self) interpersonal peace, deepen self-awareness, and intercultural relationships. Next, I’ll expand on my personal experiences in order to help you come to a better understanding as to the points I’m trying get across being: pride in ones own self, how it gives a sense of belonging, and deservingly accepting equality, all of which I will go into more depth about later. I will follow that up with some very personal experience I went through, in order to help further explain the ideas I want you to get from my stories. Lastly, I will conclude with applying these concepts to my personal experiences so you have a more full grasp of them.

Lets start by examining my artifact and see how it is expressed by the pride flag. Also known as the rainbow flag, LGBT pride flag, or gay pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT pride. The flag consisted of eight different color stripes that you see run horizontaly and equally to the flag. The eight different colors weren’t chosen soley on the basis that they were asstetically appealing or because it reflected the LGBT community color persona. Each color had a specific corisponding meaning to it: hot pink- sexuality, red- life, orange- healing, yellow- sunlight, green-nature, turquoise- magic/art, blue- serenity/harmony, and violet- spirit. The LGBT pride flag stood, and still remains to...
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