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Being Content

By raptoreagle Nov 20, 2013 449 Words
People say home is where the heart is, and although I do think that is somewhat true, I feel that it’s not the home that makes the family, but the family that make the home. I recently realized just how content I was with family when I had a family reunion in a small cabin in Idaho. Although there was over fifteen of us in a 5 bedroom cabin, it didn’t matter because whether we were lounging around, fishing, or hiking we were together doing what God had intended for us to do. I guess many people camp and hike and do outdoor activities, but it was different for me because I got to do it with my family in the environment that was so safe and loving. The reason I felt so overjoyed doing such miniscule activities is because; my extended family and I hardly see each other, including my older brother whom I love dearly. Considering I so not see them, I was happy to do anything with them, no matter how small. I heard a quote from a song when I was little and it said “You don’t know what you got til’ its gone.” I finally understand because family isn’t meant to be so far apart from each other. With our family it doesn’t matter where we are, but as long as we are together we have the best of times. I feel the most content with my family because I can just be so real around them and they always make me feel so loved. The reason that I feel the finest in the environment in which my family resides is because, I was always raised a family man, along with having the morals of one. I guess I feel the most gratified when around my two older siblings who live in Florida. This is why I am trying to be nearer to them in my college years of life. My new atmosphere of living will hopefully be at the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is so that I can major in aviation, which is something I love, and so I can be in the environment that I love the most, with my family. I guess all I can say is that my family means the most to me because, although you may have best friends or quite a amazing acquaintances, there is no one that will ever love you and be with you like a family and that is why I am most content around them. This is also because I am one to have great morals; for me it is God, Family, and Education.

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