Being civilized is not a natural characteristic of human beings

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Honors English 10
Being civilized is not a natural characteristic of human beings. “To be civilized” means to be well mannered and polite which our society already lacks. Some often do not show a behavior of respect or consideration towards others which is an uncivilized behavior. This characteristic is a choice among the individual, but it is often taught from their parents. Some human beings have lacked the characteristic of being civilized in the past and in public areas in current times; characteristics are not natural, but made by the individual. Human beings have lacked the characteristic of being civilized since the beginning of time by having uncalled for wars and conflicts. Hitler, for example, lacked it by committing genocide, killing millions of Jews, in the 1930s to the 1940s. Actions such as murder are taboo to society and would not be considered civilized even if it is viewed as “the right the thing” at the time. Regardless of the cause, murder is murder and is not tolerated anywhere. There are many actions from the past such as genocide, slavery, and inequality which are all uncivilized in the eyes of a modern human. Teens of the modern time often lack respect towards teachers, parents, and friends which is impolite and disrespectful. A part of being civilized is being respectful and polite towards others no matter what. Actions such as gossiping about friends, bullying others, disobeying parents, and creating uncalled for retorts towards authority figures are all uncivilized decisions teens often make in current times. Teens are often self-serving, but often not self-respecting. Not being able to respect themselves, they are unable to truly respect many others. This causes a chain reaction causing most of this generation to be uncivilized. A human individual ultimately gets to choose their characteristics because you are who you choose to be. Humans are able to train themselves to adapt to new mindsets and train...
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