Being Boring

Topics: Pet Shop Boys, The Great Gatsby, Poetry Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: October 24, 2013
English 111: Being Boring
9 October 2013
Compare and Contrast
The song “Being Boring” was written in 1989 by Neil Tenant, but was sung by a group call the Pet Shop Boys. The ideology behind this song is The Great Gatsby because during the nineteen twenties, also known as the Roaring twenties, it was all about being wealthy and having opportunities. This song is about three eras in their life: the 1920’s, the 1970’s and the 1990’s (Being Boring by Pet Shop Boys). These three eras are important because these were big times in America. In the first verse it talks about the 1920’s and just explains what their goals in life were. Then in the second verse it talks about their 1970’s which is important because during this time it was all about sex, drugs and dancing. This generation was known as the “me generation” which suggest they did stuff because they liked it or it felt good not because anyone else told them to. Lastly the final verse talks about their 1990’s and he says “Now I sit with different faces in rented rooms and foreign places all the people I was kissing some are here and some are missing,” which makes it seem like he is sad and that he lost a friend from AIDS because AIDS were very common during the 1980’s. This song explains the stages of their life and how it affected their lives.

Like the song, there is a poem also called Being Boring. The poem was written by Wendy Cope who was a famous British author who was known for writing about the economy and being able to get a lot across with very few words. Also, in most of her work, it is hard to tell if she is serious or if she is being sarcastic. The structure of this poem is very important because the way the poem is written tells a lot about what it is saying. In this poem the ideology is her life and how nothing is really changing. She is very content in how her life is. The poem suggest she has a boyfriend/husband when is says “Yes, he is the same as he usually is,” In the second...

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