Being at Cadet College

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Respected ----- Worthy teachers and my dear friends AOA
Today I have been given an opportunity to express my feelings being here in a cadet college. I would start with the few words by one of the cadet like us. He says: “At 90-years-old, you will still remember the experiences, the camaraderie, and the friendships that develop with perfect clarity. The knowledge gained about yourself, as well as about this career, is immeasurable." I feel the same. Cadets is a program that has changed my life and opened up various doors for me. The way I react in situations has changed because of cadets. Cadets isn't just a program that keeps you busy a few nights during the week. It gives you opportunities to travel, meet new people, to become a better leader and most importantly a better version of yourself. My favorite part of Cadets is the people I've met along the way. Through national competitions, and other activities, I have met some of the most amazing people. These people have made a huge impact on my life. Despite the fact that I may not see some of them anymore, the impression they left will always be there. I thank the cadet program for making all of that possible.

The essentials of religion taught in the class room, religious education in the classroom supplemented by prayers in the College Mosque, observance of fast in the month of Ramadan and holding of functions on days of religious significance helps us to practice religion in the best way. Moreover, the Morning Assembly begins with the recitation of Verses from the Holy Quran followed by their explanation.

To get up 4 in the morning, physical training, and taking classes from 8 to 1, preps, afternoon games, regular drill, mess nights …. (aur bhi agar kuch huwa). and finally lights out at 10. This seemed to be so tough in the beginning. I used to think that I won’t be able to survive and did not consider it important to get up early and go to bed on time. But now that I have survived, I admit that...
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