Being A Tiger Mom

Topics: Mother, Argument, Logic / Pages: 4 (846 words) / Published: Oct 6th, 2016
A tiger mom is a mother who uses tough love, discipline, and strict rules towards their children in order to reach academic excellence. This type of parenting is typically found in Chinese parents and is a traditional Chinese way of parenting. Amy Chua, who is a lawyer and author, as well as, professor of Law at Yale Law School, explains in her article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” about her experience and rules of being a tiger mom. Although it is not common in Western moms, Chau stresses certain rules of being a tiger mom such as not scoring anything under an A plus or watching TV. In the article “Tiger Moms Don't Raise Superior Kids, Says New Study” by Susan Adams, however, Adams shows a contradicting argument with supporting evidence …show more content…
By not just sharing her opinion about the topic but finding sources to help support her beliefs. Sources that included Kim’s published results as well as her study’s result. Where “Kids of easygoing parents did the second-best after the kids of supportive parents when it came to academic achievement and emotional well-being. The tiger kids did worse academically and socially and became Kim’s conclusion after a study with three hundred families. Other than reliable, Adams article seemed very trustworthy because of the source she used. Throughout the whole article she uses Kim, who is a professional, and can also be very trusted with the information she presents to readers. Not only is Kim a professional, but she has worked with this type of topic before. As mentioned by Adams when she states “who had been studying more than three hundred Chinese-American families for a decade. Last month Kim, working with three graduate students and one undergrad, published her results in the Asian American Journal of Psychology (Slate has an interesting article today on the study).” As well as mentioning how “Kim, who is Korean-American, didn’t think that any of those categories matched the kind of parenting she saw around her as she was growing up” after mentioning negative stereotypical styles of parenting when it came to authoritarian parents, permissive parents, and negligent parents rather than supportive and easygoing

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