Behind You and the Whole Town’s Sleeping

Topics: Character, Greek loanwords, Protagonist Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: April 9, 2011

The author of the story “behind you” uses many similar techniques which relate to the story “the whole town’s sleeping” by Ray Bradbury. These techniques are characterisation and setting. Both text share stories about the main character who is a women, how she is developed throughout the story.

The two main characters in both stories, reveals the similar view of the society that they are in. Although the text is set in different times, they both challenge the stereotypical weak women. Lavinia from “The whole town’s sleeping” says “I won’t walk the ravine with any man” on pg 77 when the officer was trying to help her. She strongly believes she doesn’t need anyone’s help, especially men’s. Lavinia is challenging the stereotypical notion that women should be protected by men. This is very similar to Beth in “Behind you.” Beth is a police officer, which automatically position her to challenge the stereotype. Beth, being a police also protects men, which is very much confronting the stereotype.

The setting also describes and creates the similar atmosphere. In “The whole town’s sleeping,” the story is set in “A little town was deep and far away from everything” which signifies the fact that it’s very little town with small population and hidden away from the civilisation of the cities. Moreover, the story “Behind you” explains “A tiny town isolated form big cities” which clearly displays that it’s set in similar places. Additionally the two setting is during the night time.” It was quiet night in the town of Torpin” in “behind you” and “It was a warm summer night in the middle if Illinois country” pg 71 in “The whole town’s sleeping” thus already creates tension, as night time symbolises secret and mystery. The setting is isolated from cities, thus it creates uneasiness as it means there’s no one who can help

The two stories closely relate to each other through different techniques such as characterisation and setting. In the story “Behind you” the...
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