Behind The Suit: Behind The Suit?

Topics: Human, Meaning of life, Mind, Cognition, Debut albums, Psychology / Pages: 4 (841 words) / Published: Jul 23rd, 2015
Behind the Suit
Have you ever been wondering what your life is about? And what it is for? Well, practically I don’t know. I don’t even know who I am, where I am, why I am here. All the people lied to me. All! Including my parents; I remember their lies but I blurry remember their face. Is my mom beautiful? What is going on? The truth is: I didn’t ever know.
When I was 7 years old, I realized I am extremely different; I live in my grandmother’s house not in my parents’ house, not anymore. She is the one who took care of me since my mother gave birth to me and left me to her. My grandmother told me that my mom had me when she was eighteen. Should I thank her for not aborting me? Whatever! She was not supposed to do that to me. What kind of mom
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Wake up! You have school in one hour!" I would probably jump up. I can't believe I slept for fifteen hours; I slipped on the clothes I fixed out yesterday and ran downstairs to pour milk in a bowl of cereals.
Back to reality, I should not imagine these scenarios with her who left and abandoned me. My dad stayed with me; he sat beside me on my bed and read bed time stories until I fall asleep. I woke up the next day, I started crying for almost 10 minutes or more, because I was awake and I wanted to play. I was bothered; dad never came or answered me. When I heard my grandmother’s screaming, I got scared. She saw my dad, dead, blood everywhere. He was murdered in our house. She called the police and an ambulance to come right away. I was four years old, I had no idea what was going on. I cried and cried and cried.
This is the first day without my dad. The phone rang and Grandma dropped the glass of water. It is the police. I thought it is about my dad’s murderer but no, it is about my mom. My mom was murdered too and they found her body into a river. The worst part is they had never found out who the murderer was and do not have a clue who the murderer
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But Athena's parents wouldn't let her go on the date. “I can still go on my date without them knowing.”Athena said. An hour later, Athena came at the party. Athena was drunk. I do not know she drank too much. I insisted that she let me drive her home but she refused. She was clearly in no condition to drive but she got in the car with me anyway. Athena slamed her foot down on the pedal and within seconds they were speeding down the road towards town. "Athena, slow down! Please stop!" I screamed, but that only made her go faster. The last thing I saw was a bright flash, then everything went

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