Behcet's Disease

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Behcet’s syndrome also known as Behcet’s disease causes inflammation of the blood vessels as well as other parts of the body. This disease was named after the Turkish dermatologist, Dr. Hulusi Behcet who first discovered it in 1937. His original description of this disease is a triad of oral ulcers, genital ulcers and ocular inflammation. This disease is currently recognized worldwide but the countries with the highest prevalence rate are Turkey, Japan, Korea, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Turkey has the highest prevalence rate out of all of the countries with 80-37 cases per 100,000 people. This syndrome is also considered the leading cause of blindness in Japan. Behcet’s syndrome can also be found in the United States but it is considered...

The most common symptoms are sores in the mouth, sex organs, and other parts of the skin as well as swelling in parts of the eye. There is also pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. Sores in the mouth are the most common and look very similar to canker sores but quickly turn into ulcers that become painful. They usually heal in one to three weeks though they do come back. The sex organs most commonly have sores located on the scrotum or vulva. These sores are quite painful and can possibly leave scars. Other parts of the skin that are effected can include acne-like sores on the body and red, raised nodules found mostly on the lower legs. Inflammation that is caused in the eyes which can come and go is called uveitis. It causes redness, pain and blurred vision in one or both eyes. The knee is the most affected joint that causes swelling .This usually lasts one to three weeks and goes away on its own. In more serious cases the symptoms that can be found are meningitis, blood clots, inflammation of the digestive system and blindness. Behcet’s can take a long time to diagnose because symptoms constantly come and go. Symptoms of this disease can vary from person to person depending on what part of your body is...

Current research is focusing on finding what causes Behcet’s syndrome and how to help with the symptoms. Researchers believe that cyclosporine might help treat oral ulcers, skin lesions, and inflammation of the eyes but unfortunately the symptoms return if the patient stops taking this drug. Apermilast is now being studied for a possible treatment for oral and genital ulcerations. Genome-wide association studies is the group that confirmed HLA-B51 is connected to Behcet’s. Test results show that anticardiolipin antibodies are present in about 30% of patients. Patients also have negative antinuclear and antineutrophilic cytoplasmic antibodies. Thrombosis is reportedly found in this syndrome which is associated with factor V Leiden mutations and with prothrombin g20210A mutations. Researchers are still studying this disease and have so much more to learn about it before being able to find a cure if there even is one. For now patients with this disease can live relatively normal lives and take the medications they need to combat the...
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