Behaviour Modification Program

Topics: Behavior modification, Behaviorism, Reinforcement, Operant conditioning, Applied behavior analysis, Behavior / Pages: 16 (3765 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2011

1) Defining Target Behavior and Competing Behaviors 2
2) Goal Setting 3
3) Logistics 4
4) Functional Assessment 5
5) Choosing appropriate self-management strategies 8
6) Evaluating Change 12
7) Implementing Maintenance Strategies 16
8) Discussion and Limitations 18
9) Appendix
10) Bibliography

Defining Target Behavior and Competing Behaviors:

My aim in this behavior modification program is to increase the number of fruit intake and at the same time decrease the amount of sugars intake. Fruit intake implies both quantity and quality, simple meaning that I have intended to eat more fruit but also of different kinds. The rationale behind it is to be more flexible in future terms after the program has ended, thus decreasing monotony and increasing the probability to eat fruit. I decided to choose such behavior modification mainly for health reasons. I mainly needed to decrease sugar intake and thus replacing glucose and other sugars that might rot the teeth and cause other major problems later in life such as diseases like Diabetes, with fructose. Formally stating my competing behaviors as being sugars and other unhealthy food that will potentially interfere with the program because I have noted that I tend to pursue a all- or- nothing response. This means that I either start my day feeling the urge to eat healthy or else head into a masochistic approach and torture my body with sugars and fats that have been reinforced with stressing periods throughout the years. So that is why in my diet I have emphasized breakfasts and have

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