Behaviorism in Psychology

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Behaviorism in Psychology

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History and Systems in Psychology
Psych 310
May Zetina
August 10, 2009

Behaviorism in Psychology
Psychology is science of human actions and mental processes, using a vast amount of quality thorough research to discover and test out new hypothesis, and bring about new descriptions and theories which explain human behavior and thoughts etc. Although many know the definition of psychology most don’t realize how broad the study field of psychology is. Along with the field of study of psychology being immense, the diverse theories that continue to come about also seem endless. There are many theories and perspectives, many psychologist, physiologist, and scientist within psychology, the field itself is forever changing and will almost certainly always be shifting. The many different theories as well as perspectives circulating within the field of psychology have had a major impact on the way psychology is studied today. The diversity and similarities within these theories have evolved vastly and are being used in today’s educational, professional, and clinical fields all across the world. There have been countless contributors, who have given knowledgeable information on the study of psychology today. From behaviorist perspectives’ to cognitive perspectives all are popular in modern day psychology and have paved the way for students studying this field. John B. Watson and B.F Skinner were distinguished and knowledgeable behaviorist, both of whom denied any theories that unconsciousness had an effect on human behavior. Watson was the organizer of the behaviorist movement in American Psychology. Watson was an extremely industrious scientist; he rejected any belief in instincts having control over any human behavior. This opinion he held was openly in contrast to humans being instinctively determined. Watson created his principles of behaviorism...
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