Behaviorism, How Society Effects Our Decisions

Topics: Experiment, Theory, Science Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Research is key to forming new theories or ideas, and determining if they are substantial enough to be presented to the communities in which they apply. Experimental research is the way we collect objective data. It uses a very controlled environment to measure a set response, such as in medical testing when evaluating the effectiveness a new drug. There is a prescribed amount given in order to measure its effeteness against a particular disease. Once enough data is collected to prove or disprove the new theory it can then be advanced to another step in the process and so on. Correlation research differs from the experimental method in that it takes into account the effect of all the different variables that can alter the outcome of the data, whereas the experimental method uses a strict control over the experiments environment. Correlation can show both positive effects, as well as negative effects on the experimental process and can measure the amount that each has on the outcome as well by taking into account for the variables that are introduced thru the course if the process. It is difficult to choose one method to use exclusively without having a particular experiment in mind. However since it is required to pick one for assignment purposes I do believe that I would use the correlation method. It allows for many factors to be accounted for and for “real world” scenarios to play out while still collecting data and also it seems to provide actual data, whereas in experimental research the settings can be so controlled as to manipulate the results to be whatever the desired outcome is in some cases. I feel that the data received from the correlation method id the truest form of research that there is.
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