Behavioral Problems in Students: Parents' Involvement in Schools

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Many people are not happy with the behavior of young people today and blame the parents of the youth. Some school are even creating a punishment that involves parents working at the schools for free. These schools are requiring that parents take responsibility for their children’s behavior. However, parents of students who misbehave in school should not be required to do unpaid work for the school because it is unfair to the parents, the school should be in charge of discipline, and students should be responsible for their own behavior.

First of all, requiring parents to volunteer at the school based on their child’s behavior is unfair. Many parents work all day and are not aware of their child’s actions throughout the day. The school should provide a suitable environment in which all students want to do their best and participate in that setting. In addition, the child may not exhibit such behaviors around the parents which means they may be influenced by their friends at school. These reasons mean that the school should be more in charge of what is happening there.

Secondly, the school should have its own system of discipline for the students. If the school had a better disciplinary system, the students may not be tempted to misbehave in the first place. The students would know that their misbehaviors would come with consequences such as doing unpaid work at the school. Students then might become more aware of who they are hanging out with and choose better friends or classmates to associate with. This sets the students up to make better choices at school.

Finally, students should be responsible for their own behaviors. They are the ones at school all day with a variety of people. If they are not held accountable for what they are doing, then the citizenship of the country will decline. The less people realize their responsibility to society, the less they will participate in it effectively.

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