Behavioral Management Interview Questions

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Behavioral Management Interview Questions
Describe the work environment or culture and its management style in which you have experienced the most success.

Tell me about a time when you had a reporting employee who performed very well. The employee exceeded goals and sought more responsibility. Describe how you handled this situation day-to-day and over time.

Describe three components of your philosophy of management that demonstrate what you value and add, as an individual, to an organization’s culture and work environment.

What factors are crucial within an organization and must be present for you to work most effectively?

Tell me about a time when you reorganized a department or significantly changed employee work assignments. How did you approach the task? How did the affected employees respond to your actions?

One of the jobs of a manager or supervisor is to manage performance and perform periodic performance reviews. Tell me how you have managed employee performance in the past. Describe the process you have used for performance feedback.

When you have entered a new workplace in the past, as a manager or supervisor, describe how you have gone about meeting and developing relationships with your new coworkers, supervisors, and reporting staff.

As a manager or supervisor, one of your jobs is to provide direction and leadership for a work unit. Describe how you have accomplished this in the past.

The Quarterly: The Internet has radically changed the world. What are the kinds of developments you see ahead? Eric Schmidt: When people have infinitely powerful personal devices, connected to infinitely fast networks and servers with lots and lots of content, what will they do? There will be a new kind of application and it will be personal. It will run on the equivalent of your mobile phone. It will know where you are via GPS, and you will use it as your personal and social assistant. It will know who your friends are and when they show up near you. It will remind you of their birthdays. It will entertain you. It will warn you of impending threats and it will keep you up to date. It will use all of that computing power that’s in the cloud, as we call it. So, for example, when you go to the store this device helps you decide what to buy at the best price with the best delivery. When you go to school it will help you learn, since this device knows far more than you ever will. So this vision of nearly infinite computing power, network power, and these powerful devices is the basis of the next generation of computing. The Quarterly: Armed with all this technology, what happens to how people live and work in the world? Eric Schmidt: There's such an explosion of content, and yet there’s so little understanding of it. So, I think the gap between what computers do—which is very high volume analytical and replication work, and the things that humans can do, which are essentially insightful—is a large gap. In our lifetimes, we will not see that gap close very much. Corporations will change the way they sell products to people who are increasingly computer assisted. But ultimately, we still run the world. The harsh message is that everything will happen much faster. Every product cycle, every information cycle, every bubble, will happen faster, because of network effects, where everybody is connected and talking to each other. So there's every reason to believe that those who are really stressed out by the rate of change now will be even more stressed out. However, there's a new generation who are growing up with this as the normal pace of their lives. They will develop the social norms. As leaders they'll figure out how they want to organize their world, when you and I are sitting around watching them from our retirement. The Quarterly: Will the Internet bring down barriers, making markets more democratic? Eric Schmidt: I would like to tell you that the Internet has created such a level playing field that the...
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