Behavioral Change

Topics: Water, Nutrition, Water supply network Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: April 19, 2007
Behavior Change Project
For my behavior change project I have decided that I'm going to try to drink the recommended daily dosage of water (64 oz.). I chose this specific behavior because drinking water can be very beneficial for your health, and this specific behavior is easily measured and it's not hard to do. I do feel as though increasing my daily water intake will improve my quality of life because I've read on the internet about some of the benefits and they're pretty convincing. Here are some of the reasons I want to increase my water intake: •Drinking water improves your overall health

•It's an easy behavior to change
•Drinking more water could save me money
The patterns associated with my behavior are simple. Sodas are everywhere, tasty, and unhealthy. When you order a combo at a fast food restaurant, you get a cup for soda, and they don't even ask if you want water. I'm motivated to drink more water because I sometimes feel tired throughout the day, it's winter and my skin gets very dry, and to me it is a big accomplishment. To accomplish my goal I've developed a few strategies:

•I bought a 64 ounce mug to help measure my daily progress •I'm going to do an experiment that weighs an all-soda diet against a beneficial all-water diet. I'll know when the benefits of drinking water start to happen because I've researched them, and I know what to look for. To get the full effect, before I started drinking water, I went a week without drinking it at all.
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