Behavior: Teacher and Young People

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* Describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behavior.

Adults that support children and young people in school setting have to be aware of the different stages that children and young develop: this includes emotional, physical and social development. Children and young people learn how to behave in time and need guidance and clear boundaries from adults in order to behave the way society expects them.

There are Strategies to make children and young people’s behavior one of them is the need to praise them for their work and effort. Children and young people need to feel valued, some seek to belong to group being able to communicate with them effectively to build a positive relationship will help them learn to use to positive behavior.

A behavior policy will help all staff to learn how to promote positive, by explaining that children need to develop positive skills and attributes.
In my setting these are some of the behavior policies in place: Behavior policy-in order for effective learning to take place, good behavior in all aspects of school life is necessary. By adhering, this policy we aim recognize and promote positive behavior and in doing so we will help promote self-esteem, self-discipline and build positive relationship based on mutual respect. The policy is not only aimed at pupils but to all who are involved in the school community from parents to governors to staff ect in order to be able apply it consistently.

In key stage one and two an assembly is held each week one child will receives a prize for earning a Golden star award which is selected by raffle of all the awards.

Golden awards are counted up in houses across the school and the wining house receives a reward such a additional P.E/ games or an ice skating trip.

All classes have an opportunity to LAD achievement assembly, which parents/cares are encourage to attend, where are able to show and celebrate examples of their best work. Each week a different year group’s achievement are celebrated in whole school assembly with individual pupils being selected to come on stage to receive a certificate.

All staff work hard to help children maintain high standards of behavior. This important so that they can use their in school effectively to learn that learning is not disrupted by others. We actively encourage and promote good behavior which is rewarded in variety of ways such as house points, certificates, stickers, praise from other teachers ect. Children also understand that poor behavior is not acceptable. Within school we have a clear set of behavior consequences such if a child is disruptive: question them on their behavior; a warning inappropriate behavior continues; consequence if child choose not to heed warning.

Six Golden Rules:
This is the guideline in my setting for pupil so they have an understanding how to behave in school: * Do be kind and helpful
* Do be honest
* Do look after property
* Do be gentle
* Do listen to other people
* Work hard
* Do wear the right uniform.

Teachers are only able to teach effectively and pupils learn effectively in orderly classes with good behavior.

(Department for children and families- taken from school setting behavior policy)

In my setting they have accepted that some children will find it difficult to abide by the schools code conduct therefore all staff have to be consistent when confronted with inappropriate behavior. The staff are informed of the three groups of behavior that the school has listed:

* Less serious incidents- calling out in class
* Serious incidents-swearing
* Very serious incidents-fighting
Depending on behavior staff will allocate appropriate sanctions which may include; loss of privileges- not being a prefect, class leader, helping the teacher with register, loss of lunch or morning break or the loss any...
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