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Personal Profile Data Analysis Part One
The subject of this report and five other persons with whom the subject worked provided survey forms. Data Analysis started using data obtained from the subject and then progressed to the data collected from the outside participants. This report also contains an analysis of the subject’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This paper concludes with personal reflections from the subject and a growth plan to improve the behavioral effectiveness of a subject. The survey form used for this report came from “An Experiential Approach to Organization Development (7th Edition)”, ISBN 978-0131441682 by Donald R. Brown and Donald Harvey. This survey form covers five organizational development behavior areas. These areas included Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Aspiration-Achievement Levels, Problem-Solving Skills, and Leadership Skills. Data analysis started with the survey filled out by the subject. In the “Communication Skills”, behavioral area the subject’s average rating was 6.2. Of the communication skills category questions, the subject rated himself the lowest on question 16, “Gives Feedback” with a rating of 4.0. In the “Interpersonal Skills”, behavioral area the subject’s average score was 4.8. Of all five behavioral areas, the subject rated himself the lowest in the interpersonal skills area. More specifically the subject gave themselves ratings of 4.0 on the interpersonal skills category questions 22 “Seeks Close Relationships” and 27 “Is Dominant”. For the “Aspiration-Achievement Levels” behavioral area the subject’s average rating of 5.3. The subject rated himself the lowest on question 13, “Is Organized” with a rating of 4.0. In the “Problem-Solving Skills” behavioral area, the subject’s average rating is 5.5. While the subject’s scores in this behavioral area were generally high, the subject did rate himself low on question 14 “Is Logical” with a...
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