Behavior of Neighbors

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 Behavior of Neighbors
Neighbors can be classified according to behavior into three types: good neighbors, bad neighbors, and eccentric neighbors. The first type is good neighbors. They are polite and true person. For example, if you encounter them when you go back home, they take the initiative to say hello to you. Then, they talk with you just about polite questions. Moreover, you could find fewer guests to visit them. If they have a party, they don’t make noises. The party generally ends before ten o’clock in the evening. Maybe they invite you to join. As well, good neighbors follow the public rules. Besides, they are glad to help you. After all, their behaviors always make you comfortably. The second type is bad neighbors. They are very different from good neighbors. For instance, they are very gossipy. They like to ask about something from their neighbors. In addition, a lot of friends usually go to their home and play towards the midnight. They make noises that wake you up. You are very angry. Especially the next morning, you might see much garbage that is lost by them outside. The last type is eccentric neighbors. They live quietly, and they don’t like to say anything to you, even you are difficult to see them. They have no guests and parties. They don’t care the public areas. Sometimes, they like to do something that is very dangerous such as chemistry experiment. All of all, there are three types of neighbors who made life interesting even if you like them or not.
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