Behavior Modification

Topics: Sleep, Circadian rhythm, Sleep hygiene Pages: 4 (1556 words) Published: March 16, 2011
There are many behaviors that I participate in that negatively impact my health. One of the behaviors that I would like to examine is my habit of pressing snooze on my alarm; this behavior impacts me dramatically because almost every day I end up waking five minutes before I have to leave my house. Directly related to this behavior is my abnormal sleeping patterns. One day I will sleep approximately 4 hours and try to make up for the lack of sleep the next day with on average 14 hours of sleep. With this project I am to find strategies that will help me to maintain an ordinary sleep pattern so that I do not feel the need to press snooze repeatedly on my alarm. Last year, I lived on campus and this behavior was not detrimental because I could wake up 5 minutes before class started and easily walk there. Yet, this year I live off campus and have to drive a 10 minutes to school. Continuing to press snooze on my alarm is a pressing issue because as winter approaches, more time will need to be committed before class to cleaning snow off my car, etc. The following graph illustrates my log of behavior: 2 days of my natural inclinations and 4 days after implementing my modification strategy.

| DAY 1| DAY 2| DAY 3 (M)| DAY 4 (M)| DAY 5 (M)| DAY 6 (M)| # minutes snoozed| 36| 40| 0| 0| 5| 5|

It is evident that my baseline “normal” behavior averaged around 38 minutes snoozed. Now, when looking at this information, it is necessary to acknowledge that I do not have class at the same time every morning. Therefore, if a class is more into the afternoon, it may affect the amount of time I press snooze depending on the amount of sleep I average. This also effects my sleeping patterns because if a class is early in the morning, I get less sleep than if it’s later in the day in which I can “makeup” for the lack of sleep from the previous day. Yet, from generalizing about my regular sleeping habits, regardless of the amount of time slept I will...
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