Behavior Matrix

Topics: Psychology, Behavior, Developmental psychology Pages: 6 (1405 words) Published: October 27, 2012
Running head: Understanding Behavior

Theoretical Models for Understanding Behavior Matrix
Tara Brigle
Grand Canyon University: Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs March 6, 2012

Comparing, Contrasting, Identifying, and Listing Major Components of the Theories |Biological Model |Very important in the medical profession | | |Puts emphasis on pathogens as the explanation for the disease | | |Does not pain the whole picture of the person | | |Looks at the behavior in an organic standpoint | |Developmental Model |Stresses that a child must adapt to the environment | | |The use of this model is seen through widespread use of developmental | | |appropriate practices | | |Limitation of this model is understanding children with disabilities | | |It fails to inform about how to adapt the child with this model | |Psychodynamic Model |Emphasis on unconscious processing and underlying motives to the | | |behavior | | |Impossible to observe and measure the internal thoughts and feelings | | |of a person | |Ecological Model |Focuses on the relationships between and within levels of the | | |environment | | |Based on the environment and how the child interacts within it | | |Involves the child, family, and community | |Behavioral Model |Behavior is viewed from the functional perspective and is measured and| | |observed | | |It’s an early foundation for ABA | | |Not used very often by teachers | |Social Learning |Emphasis on modeling and imitation of models | | |Imitation of models is very important in learning | | |People learn from their environment and models within the environment | | |influences the person | |Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) |Focuses on measurable and...

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