Behavior Management

Topics: Reinforcement, Reward system, Operant conditioning Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: October 19, 2008
The basis for theories of behavior management focus on these ABC’s: Antecedent event or stimulus. In behavior management, it is critical to count and examine the specific events that precede behavior; Behavior or response of the student. This is the specific, observable and measurable behavior that is targeted; and Consequent event or reinforcement of behavior. In behavior management, the impacts of a variety of reinforcements or rewards are considered so that the most reinforcing reward is chosen to cement the target behavior. Behaviors are reinforced until the student can make independent decisions related to behavior and academics.

In the case of Johnny, the ABC’s will play in an important role in developing a behavior management plan suitable to his needs. For Johnny, the antecedent event or stimulus is “not getting his way”. His teacher states he has difficulty accepting “no” for an answer, he is bossy and has pushed others so that he could be first in line, stepping into student’s personal space. Johnny’s parents also describe his behavior at home to be undesirable and that he is unable to sit still. While Johnny is at birthday parties, his behavior has been so unacceptable that his parents have been called to pick him up. Most recently, he threw a fit in class when another student told him “no”. The behavior or response of Johnny will become physical in nature. For example, he will become bossy, push others, step into their personal space and throw fits.

Johnny target behavior aims to re-direct his unpredictable and unacceptable behaviors of not getting his way and his disruptive social behavior. Johnny requires positive behavioral supports to increase positive behavior. A plan to help Johnny succeed in behavior modification would include a reinforcement theory and motivation. For example, Johnny will be asked to stand at the front of the line if he will quietly wait his turn. Johnny’s response can be modified by rewarding him when...
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