Behavior Disorders Brochure

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Survival Tips for the Family
* Start each day with a fresh outlook.
* Spend one-on-one time with each child in the family.
* Take time for yourself.
* Explain ODD to family members.
* Take time to relax, cool down, recharge
* Go to conferences to learn the newest information on ODD. * Stay in contact with the school to monitor your child’s progress.

Stress the good stuff!
Bibliotherapy Books for Children

The Angry Child, Timothy Murphy, PhD,Three Rivers Press2002
Mental Health America,
Oppositional Defiant Disorder - a psychiatric disorder characterized by aggressiveness and a tendency to purposefully annoy others. ODD and other conduct disorders are listed as the dominant cause for referrals to mental health settings for children. SYMPTOMS OF ODD

Children must exhibit 4 or more of these behaviors consistently for at least 6 months. * Temper tantrums
* Blaming others for mistakes
* Defiance
* Negativity
* Deliberately annoys people
* Difficulty keeping friends
* Academic problems
* Spiteful and vindictive
* Aggressive toward peers
* Refuses to comply with requests or rules
* Argumentative with adults

Criteria is met only if the behaviors occur more often than is typical of children of the same age and developmental level. ASSESSING THE PROBLEM
If you believe your child is showing symptoms of ODD, make an appointment to see your doctor. He will begin the assessment with a physical exam, behavior rating scale given to parents and teachers, an interview for you, teachers, and the child, and a review of school records. If at this time the doctor feels there is not a physical cause for the behaviors, he will refer you to a mental health professional. A psychiatrist or psychologist will use special assessment tools to evaluate your child. These tools will usually include a functional behavioral analysis,...

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