Behavior Change

Topics: Pregnancy, Talk radio, Emotion Pages: 4 (1384 words) Published: October 5, 2007
Roller Coaster of a Year
Have you ever had to do something so dramatic in your life that it changed your whole personality? These changes in a person's life can alter everything not only in their own life but the lives of the people around them. A change of this magnitude could include just about anything. The change that will be talked about is an abortion that a couple went through. Some people believe abortion is murder to the unborn fetus. An abortion also has its psychological effects on the women going through with it as well. A perfectly happy woman can go in and get an abortion but come out a totally different person. Rayleen was not one of those who were able to go through an abortion very easily. It put her in a depression so deep that it almost tore the couple apart. The Couple:

Brian, a 25 year old man, worked but barely made money because of child support that is taken out of each pay check. Brian's fiancée, Rayleen, a 24 year old college student, worked part-time while sports were in session at school. The couple was very much in love but did not want a long-distant marriage, so they stay engaged until they could be together. The Missed Period:

Last year in September, Brian and Rayleen spent a weekend together at the university that Rayleen attended. The couple had never been so scared in their life when Rayleen missed her period after the weekend together. Brian finally convinced Rayleen to buy a home pregnancy test to determine whether she was pregnant or not. Rayleen used the test and found that scary positive sign revealed on the stick. Her heart skipped a beat from fright, not from excitement. Rayleen thought she should have been happy and thought that Brian would have been happy. Both of them were more scared that day than any other day they could think of. Rayleen thought that God was playing a cruel joke on them. She contemplated about the couples out in the world who were unable to conceive, yet couples who should...
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