Behavior Aspects and Trends of Project Management

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Project management Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: November 26, 2005
Successful Project Team
In any business, prosperity and success is the result of teamwork and synergy. To be successful as a project manager, you need to understand what drives the different types of people who make up your team. Successful project management involves continuous leadership of the team through successful project planning and development and through project delivery and control. In order to build a successful team, a project manager must be able to find individuals with certain characteristics to gel the team together.

For example, a project manager must make sure the team has harmony and trust. Individuals should feel that they would be treated with fairness and care. They must trust each other and their manager to make decisions that will benefit them. A good manager is able to bring diverse individuals together and within a few days get them working together with mutual respect and trust.

Each project has certain activities that must be finished within a schedule. These should be planned well. A project manager should discuss with his/her team the estimated effort for each activity and ensure that the person who is assigned the activity is committed to completing it as well within the schedule.

A clear definition of what is expected of each individual in the team should be defined. What are the roles that this team needs to have and who will perform the various functions of each role. This has to be clear and well defined. Once this is done each one knows what he should contribute towards the success of the team.

One of the best ways to encourage and create winning teams is to have rewards, awards and promotions that emphasize the importance of teamwork. Project managers should take time to define the criteria for winning teams and then select the best team of the organization periodically and give each individual in the team an award. Only that is perpetuated that is recognized and praised. By encouraging good teams you...

Brenner, Richard. (August 28, 2005). The Hierarchy of Needs for Project Organizations. Chaco Canyon Consulting.
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