Beh Dq 1 & 2 Wk.3

Topics: Operant conditioning, Classical conditioning, Working memory Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: May 25, 2011
An example of classical conditioning is when my puppy hears the sound of his treat bag. He knows that he has to go out outside and do his business before he gets a treat. This is how I am training him. He can be in the other room and as soon as he hears me grab and shake the bag, he comes running to the door. He only gets a treat when he finishes his business outside. The stimulus is when I shake the treat bag he knows in order to get a treat he has to go outside and do his business and the response is he comes running and waits at the door to go outside. An example of operant conditioning is when my puppy met the other dog that is outside. At first, the puppy was not scared but as soon as the dog barked at him, he ran in fear and is afraid to get around the other dog because he is so much bigger than him. Knowing that the two dogs need to get along with each other, I have worked with the puppy and the other dog by putting them in front of each other. I talk to them in a soothing voice and if the puppy stays and acknowledges the bigger dog I reward them both with treats. If the bigger dog does not bark at the puppy, I praise him and give him a treat. If the puppy gives the bigger dog a chance and does not run in fear, I praise him too and reward him by giving him a treat.

DQ 2
The last time that I was hearing a lecture or in a classroom, I remember that only the things that I was truly interested in or was important to me only made my long term memory. The things that did not get my attention or interest would be processed into my short term memory. The information that someone is actually interested in will have a more chance of being processed into long term memory than something that a person is not so interested in. there are probably things that sink into long term memory that a person is not so interested in that is important and the memory is triggered by something similar to the event or study. Writing down information or taking notes in a class...
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