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Beginning with Science 06: Matter and Energy

By shaygibson47 Aug 26, 2014 509 Words
Beginning with Science 06: Matter and Energy

Lab Report - Title: The Conservation of Mass and Energy
You will be exploring three scenarios and conducting observations on the physical and chemical changes in matter. You will also investigate the input and output of energy during physical and chemical changes. Objective

To demonstrate the differences between physical and chemical changes while observing the laws of conservation of matter and energy. Problem
How can matter and energy be described in a variety of systems? Materials
Although you will not use any materials in this video lab observation, note the materials and safety precautions used to complete the demonstrations. Procedures
Note: Read all the instructions for this lab before you begin working! Pre-reading the procedures will give you a mental picture of what you will be doing and a better understanding of the process. Three demonstrations will be presented. You must observe and analyze these as part of the lab. The titles of the demonstrations are as follows: “The Iced Tea Debate”

“The Salty Soup”
“The Fire Bug”
Use the DATA chart provided for recording observations based on the three demonstrations you will watch. Watch each part of the experimental demonstration and make predictions about what will happen in each scenario. Record your predictions and observations in the DATA AND OBSERVATIONS section of your laboratory report form.

Data and Observations
Take time to record your predictions about each scenario when prompted. Then, record your detailed observations and draw some brief conclusions in the table below.

Data Chart
Scientific Method 
The Iced Tea Debate
The Salty Soup
The Fire Bug
Predictions—What do you think will happen?

Observations—What did you see happening in each demonstration?






Conclusion—What was demonstrated here?


Use your data table above to identify the physical and chemical changes observed in the demonstrations as follows: Complete Data Chart above filling in Scientific Methods for each demonstration. Use the drop-down menu options to record any physical and/or chemical changes observed. Once you completed the data chart, complete pre-made paragraphs below by writing an analysis that includes details on how the Law of Conservation of Matter and the Law of Conservation of Energy are supported by the experimental demonstrations. Use the following reflection questions to guide you in writing the analysis: Was matter or energy lost or destroyed in any of the scenarios? Did your predictions match the second portion of the demonstrations? What phase changes did you observe?

What kinds of energy were input and output in each of the scenarios?

Paragraph 1 - How the Law of Conservation of Matter is supported by the experimental demonstrations:
Paragraph 2 - How the Law of Conservation of Energy is supported by the experimental demonstrations:
Fourth Scenario
Describe a fourth scenario in which either the “Law of Conservation of Matter” or the “Law of Conservation of Energy” could be observed. Using as many sentences as needed, describe how an experiment could be set up to further explore your recorded observation. The goal is to show understanding of the concepts in the lesson.


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