Beginners Guide for Zend Framework 2.0

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Beginners Guide for Zend Framework 2.0
When it comes to open source software and applications, Zend Framework is one of the most preferred platforms for web applications. Zend Framework 2.0 has been released to overcome the common issues of the previous version and provide an advanced framework for the development of web applications. You can expect a lot of new features including cloud computing, superior event management, and advanced features for event tracking. The Beginners Guide for Zend Framework 2.0 is a series which will help you in getting started with Zend Framework 2.0. We are going to discuss each and every aspect of ZF2.0 with practical example.

What’s new in Zend Framework 2.0
Before starting with ZF2.0, let us find out what’s new in this version • • • • • • • • New and refactored Autoloaders Improved Exception System Advance and refactored View Component New Cloud Infrastructure component New and advanced Event Manager component New Plugin Broker Strategy Rewritten Session Component New Dependency Injection Component

Post 1 of series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to setup Zend Framework 2.0
Zend Framework 2.0 is a whole new outfit for Zend Framework and you will find new components, renamed and changed components, and addition of advanced services for better web applications. You would be amazed with the bug fixes and error controlling components available with ZF2.0. So you need a lot of modifications for this latest version and let us find out how to start working with ZF2.0. Installing Zend framework 2.0 First of all you need to download the setup of ZF2.0 and the best option is to download Zend Framework Minimal Package for Windows including PHP 5.3 in

it. Save the file in the library folder as library/zend. There are different methods for installing ZF2.0 on your machine: • • • Installation Using Pear Installation Using Subversion (svn) Using Git...
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