Before I Was There

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“Before I was, There Were...”
I have so many relatives and all of them have done so much for me. My mom’s parents who are Kathey Sigmon and Jerry Carrigan are my grandparents, but they divorced and my grandma remarried to Bob Sigmon. My mom had a sister named Emily Sigmon and brother named Nick Carrigan. My grandma Kathey had two sisters name Faye Shew and Sue Robinette. My great grandmother Faye Carrigan is the mother of Jerry Carrigan, she has a sister named Nell-Rose Stafford but she passed away this year. I have no older cousins or siblings My dad’s parents who are Judy and Carl Harris are my grandparents. My dad has one sister named Carla Harris and one brother named Jason Harris. Carla has two kids a girl named Kirsten Tabet and a boy named Ryan Tabet. Kirsten is two years older than me and Ryan is only a year younger than me. My dad is first cousins with Scott Helton and he has a son named Tyler Helton. He is my second cousin and is two years older than me.

Even though my parents are divorced now I still remain really close to both sides of the family. A lot has happened in the past but we all still care about each other. Before I even existed my grandparents were making sure that my mom and dad had everything they needed to start a family. I can’t say that I’m closer to one side of the family than the other because both sides have done so much for me. They’ve made sure that we had roof over our head, money to buy groceries, and something to drive. I love my family more than anything and I don’t know what I would do without them.
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