Beethoven, Symphony No. 9

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Beethoven, Symphony No. 9

Ludwig Beethoven was not only one of the greatest composer & musician ever born- he is a wonderful study tool for me during exam week. My faithful study partner was born in a small town, Bonn, Germany on December 16, 1770 to a family of professional musicians. Beethoven learned violin and some other instruments from his father. His father wanted him to be perfect in music, and in that endeavor he violently scolded Beethoven whenever he made any kind of mistake during practice. Even, according to one story, due to the punishments given by his father, Beethoven suffered from hearing problems in future, which basically ruined his life. (NP) Beethoven was sent to learn music from C. G. Neefe. Beethoven learned every possible and minute detail of music from Neefe and also became his assistant when was just eleven years old. He learned piano, violin and organ from Neefe. Beethoven and fellow musician Mozart share many situations in their lives which are similar in many aspects. Both of them were born in a family where music was the most important part of life, both received training in music right from their childhood, they both had great interest in music, and like Mozart, Beethoven also had started performing in public events, shows etc. when he was just six years old. When Beethoven was twelve years old, his first music work was published. Beethoven also dropped out of his school when he was thirteen year old in order to concentrate on his practice and to perform in musical tours. (NP) Beethoven then continued assisting Neefe till he was seventeen years old. In 1787, he went to Vienna in hopes to find good opportunities and demonstrate his talent in music. But he had to return to his house in Bonn when he learned about his mother's illness. Finally, around1792 he took off for Vienna in search of a good work in the field of music. During the period 1800 to 1813, while in Vienna, Beethoven learned a high classical style of music and even adopted it in his creations and performances he gave. With the new style that he had learned, he wrote some new symphonies, new concerts, and quartets. Beethoven gained popularity very fast during the middle period of his life. It was a time when Beethoven wanted to concentrate on his work and continue with new compositions, but at the same time he started suffering from hearing problem, which became worse and worse gradually. (NP) The problem with his hearing started to reflect in the compositions he created, and even his social life was getting affected because of it. It became very hard for Beethoven to attend any public event- as his hearing problem created lot of tension for him. At times the situation led in broken relationships with others. The other problem Beethoven faced in his life at this point in time was his relations with women. Which I found very interesting because he was such an amazing musician, I would feel that women would be falling at his feet. But it was always a tension filled situation for him to face a woman; it was said he would hesitate when expressing himself, and he also felt no woman could ever understand him. This resulted in the fact that he could never fulfill his dream of getting married to a beautiful woman, as the woman he usually loved was either from a high profile family who loved someone else or he loved a married woman. (NP) At the time when everything looked to be finished for Beethoven, he came up with some determination that helped him mark his re-entry in the world of music. He wrote many symphonies (Erotica Symphony No. 3 which he dedicated to Napoleon, symphony no. 5, 6, 7 and 8), piano and violin concerts, various tones, compositions for orchestras, operas, number very famous sonatas, three and six string quartets. Beethoven’s musical work during this period is said to be his most ultimate performance he ever gave. Beethoven really proved himself to be the greatest musician of his time. He was gaining popularity as a...
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