Topics: Brewing, Beer, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: October 20, 2013
The Evolution of Beer

In 10,000 B.C.E a farmer sampled water in which bread had been sitting for an extended period. This sample that he drank brought forth a discovery and the birth of a new beverage to our civilization. The beverage that he drank was the first form of beer. The bread in the water had broken down over time and gone through a process called "fermentation" that caused a reaction with the water. This allowed the new beverage of beer to evolve. Over time beer has become the world's oldest and highest consumed form of alcohol in our society where it has stimulated socialization. Since beer's first discovery the way it has been made or "brewed" has been significantly modified. The process that it is currently used involves several steps so that each beer is consistent in taste and full of flavor while containing the four basic ingredients of barley, hops, yeast and water. The first step in the brewing beer is to soak barely grains in a tank of water for several days. Each day the water is drained and cycled so that fresh can be mixed in with the grain. After the several days have passed the water is then drained and the grain is transferred to shallow tanks. Here in these tanks the barely will be stirred vigorously to promote germination. When germination occurs in barely, enzymes are released such as malt diastase. Malt diastase plays an crucial role in the brewing process. It converts the grain into a form of sugar that will be used in the fermentation process which will occur later in brewing. Once the germination process is complete usually after one week, the barely which is now called malt, is roasted in a high temperature oven. This roasting stops the germination process of the malt. The variance in temperature and length of roasting determines the color and the flavor of the brew. This is what causes the differences between the types of beer on our current market. After the roasting is complete the malt is ready to go on with the next step...
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