Beehive movie paper

Topics: Honey, Beekeeping, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: September 23, 2014
The Darkest Experiences of Life and Death
Art Films are different from conventional Hollywood productions. These types of films attempt to have the audience explore different themes with a new perceptive. By using symbolism, setting, color and time periods. This film contained many symbolic scenes that displayed a deeper meaning. Such as the meaning of life and death and the sprits people become after death that the film used, such as Frankenstein as an example. The director put a lot of artistic viewpoints into this film so that the audience could look for symbolism and find deeper meaning to the film he created. These symbolic scenes for example; Teresa burning the love letter, the children in the school resembling bees and Fernando relating his life to the bees. Victor Erice is the director of the spirit of the beehive. Erice directed short films while he was in film school; he was also a film critic at the Spanish journals. He then earned an international award for the Spirit of the Beehive which was his first official full length film. Erice creates his films by putting the viewer’s imagination to life, precise observations to detail and applying deep symbolization to his films. Erice makes it clear he puts a lot of thought and time into his film, to not only make a good film, but to get inside the audiences mind and make them think outside the box. He points out in his interview that he has a unique and different style and he gets his point across to the audience in a subtle but artistic way.

The Spanish civil war has ended. The film take a lead with a beekeeper named Fernando. Fernando has a wife named Teresa and two daughters named Isabel and Ana. The mother has a secret affair which starts to affects not only them but the entire family. When Ana and Isabel watch the movie “Frankenstein” at a traveling movie show. Ana is intrigued by the monster Frankenstein and can’t stop thinking about the monster and spirits. Continuously asking her...
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